Industrial Decoration: How to enter it into Your Space

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Year after year, industrial decoration is winning more and more fans. This particular style is ideal for your house in total or you can adopt it to your living room. It adds creativity to every space helps to be more productive and creates a very inspiring atmosphere.

The main features of industrial decoration are the use of metal pipes, wooden floors, brick walls, table lamps. It is considered a more manly style of decoration without this meaning that it cannot be adopted by women as well.

Metallic tubes

The pipes can be used almost for any furniture or decoration. There are libraries made of tubes, tube lamps, tables, fixtures and many decorations. The metal must be mostly dark to make it look unprocessed and the metal compound joints are obvious, for example, to see the screws.

Wooden floors

The wooden floor is ideal for an industrial space. In this type of decoration, the space should look like it’s under construction, as if something has not been completely completed, giving you a more industrial character in your space. Wood, like material, helps a lot to achieve this – and especially the untreated.

Brick walls

Bricks add an industrial touch to your office or living room. You do not have to cover a large surface with bricks. Even a smaller one will create the effect you want. If your home does not have brick walls and you do not want to spend money to place it, you can create a similar effect with a wall decor that depicts obvious bricks. The choices in the market are many and are going to fulfill any of your needs. Alternatively, you can use stone to invest in a wall. Generally, you should know that one of the sides in the room where you will have uncovered bricks look, is the ultimate base for industrial-style decoration.


Lamps are a piece of decoration to look out for. They are usually made of either tubes or metal to further enhance the industrial decoration of your home. It is very important how you are going to light up an industrial space so you need to be careful when you choose the right lamps.

Office and Chairs

Choose an iron desk or a wooden one with metal feet. You can do the same choice with the chairs or you can buy a simple wooden desk by adding metal chairs. The furniture design is also very important when we want to achieve the perfect industrial design.

Choose the right color palette

A basic component of the industrial-style decoration is the natural colors. Brown and beige are the two most popular choices for industrial enthusiasts. Do you think that the result may be too “dark” for your tastes? You can choose light colors of nature, such as green and blue. Combining them with metal details and wooden surfaces on the floor or the home furniture, the result will surely excite you!

You can also make some other creative changes in order to give your space an industrial character. For example, you can give your fireplace an industrial touch by putting bricks on the base and adding a dark metal protector in front.

The ceiling may be part of your decoration too and make it look as it has remained unfinished, but this is also the essence of the industrial style.

There are a lot of simple ways if you want to achieve this great decoration result. You just need to be creative and open-minded and let the steel get into your house. It’s going to be the center of attention and will make you find it difficult to leave your home.




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