How to make your wooden floor quieter

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Wooden and laminate floors look amazing no matter what style of house or flat you live in, but despite their good looks, they can cause problems with your neighbours. Leaving aside squeaky floorboards that need a nifty tap with a hammer or oiling, the noise made by people dragging furniture or walking in heeled shoes over wooden floors can reverberate quite loudly.

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Wooden floors are an asset

Wooden floors in a property are an asset for its owners because it means that the property will let or sell much faster than a carpeted property, and it’s also likely that it will rent for more money. However, the potential for a noise issue is recognised by legal experts as being important when renting or leasing a property and is usually included in the terms of the agreement. For an overview, you can check out

Making sure that your wooden or waterproof laminate flooring doesn’t cause any problems is simply a question of ensuring that sufficient soundproofing – such as an underlay – is installed under the flooring along with a sub floor if necessary.

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The right products

Check with the experts to see which products, such as, are the most suitable and quietest for your property. You may find that products such as acoustic sealant applied to a narrow gap between the wall and the edge of your wooden or laminate flooring help.

With the right preparation, you can enjoy your flooring without making a lot of noise.



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