• Industrial Decoration: How to enter it into Your Space

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    Year after year, industrial decoration is winning more and more fans. This particular style is ideal for your house in total or you can adopt it to your living room. It adds creativity to every space helps to be more productive and creates a very inspiring atmosphere.

    The main features of industrial decoration are the use of metal pipes, wooden floors, brick walls, table lamps. It is considered a more manly style of decoration without this meaning that it cannot be adopted by women as well.

    Metallic tubes

    The pipes can be used almost for any furniture or decoration. There …

  • How to make your wooden floor quieter

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    Wooden and laminate floors look amazing no matter what style of house or flat you live in, but despite their good looks, they can cause problems with your neighbours. Leaving aside squeaky floorboards that need a nifty tap with a hammer or oiling, the noise made by people dragging furniture or walking in heeled shoes over wooden floors can reverberate quite loudly.

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    Wooden floors are an asset

    Wooden floors in a property are an asset for its owners because it means that the property will let or sell much faster than a carpeted property, and it’s also likely …


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